Aug. 22nd, 2010 11:17 am
danse_de_soleil: (poetry)
I have a fever

It burns me from the inside
Flaming underneath my flesh
Crisping my bones to ash

The blood in my veins
It bubbles and boils
Becoming a broth of fire

I have a fever

No compress on my brow
Can soothe the conflagration
That rages beneath my skin

No amount of ice against my skin
Can extinguish the inferno
Searing against my chassis

I have a fever

And it crawls throughout
My human frame, flaring
At every organ it consumes

For my heart
It pulses now not blood
But liquid fire

I have a fever

For I am sick from love
And know without the cure
That I soon shall die

I shall prefer to die
Of not a broken heart
But by the flames within

I have a fever

Say Not

Aug. 20th, 2010 03:30 pm
danse_de_soleil: (poetry)
Say not to me thy sad words of farewell
Leave only sweetness, joy, and love behind
For what may come these days no man may tell
And thus shalt thou grant peace unto my mind
As such a time has come for you to go
And leave me here to hold this place for you,
In doing this there is one thing I know
We two shall never truly bid adieu
Until the time that we shall meet again
And your figure once more do I discern
My life will be mine own to live till then
Yet I shall wait here for thy sweet return
Sending all mine prayers afar to thee
So hurry home, beloved, back to me.


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